Surrogacy Resources

Pregnant on Lockdown: Coping With COVID-19
Being a surrogate is a unique experience at the best of times, but how has the COVID-19 pandemic aff
What is BMI and why is it important?
Potential Surrogates frequently ask “what is BMI and why is it important for surrogacy?”
What to expect from the medical screening process
Intended Parents need to trust that their Surrogate is physically and emotionally healthy and that
Bonding with Intended Parents
Surrogates are incredible people who are willing to give a selfless gift to parents who could not ot
How do Surrogates and Intended Parent(s) get matched?
At GSHC Surrogacy Agency, we strive to make the best possible matches for our IPs and surrogates. W
Do’s and Don’t’s when applying to be a Surrogate
Making a good first impression Deciding to become a Surrogate Mother is a big step. Within that cho
What you need to know about qualifying for surrogacy
What are the Requirements to become a Surrogate? Becoming a surrogate mother is a miraculous and in
6 Fast Facts on Surrogacy
If you’re researching surrogacy as an option there are several key facts about surrogacy that shoul
How to React to an IVF Failure
Confronting Disappointment In the instance of IVF failure, your lost opportunity for a family can