Intended Parent Process

You have decided to seek assistance with your family expansion needs. Wonderful! We will walk you through every step to ensure that your needs will be met with compassion and care. The process should not be stressful or overwhelming and that is why we are here; to make everything as simple as possible and ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

Full-Service:  We provide full services of top physicians, psychologists, attorneys and monitoring facilities as needed.

Guarantee:  We will re-match or refund your fees if the surrogate/egg donor is not able to proceed based on her medical outcome.

Pre-Screened:  We deliver only qualified surrogates and/or egg donors for your journey to ensure your cycle will proceed in a timely manner.

1.  Give GS Surrogacy Agency a call
We can answer all questions that you may have and go over how a cycle works from beginning to end. We can also Zoom, WeChat, Skype or WhatsApp if this is more convenient.

2.  Retain GS Surrogacy Agency so that we may begin assisting you
We appreciate your trust; please fill out our agency agreement and then our journey will begin.

3.  Let us know the criteria of the Surrogate and/or Egg Donor you are seeking
We only work with healthy, responsible and committed participants that are already fully pre-screened.

4.  Review your choices
This gives you an opportunity to view a variety of participants to assist us in choosing your best match.

5.  Meet with your surrogate
To ensure a warm introduction and to initiate the connection between everyone.

6.  We will coordinate with your IVF facility
Your chosen physician will want to meet your surrogate and/or egg donor and run specific tests on her to ensure that she is optimal physically for your cycle.

7.  Medical clearance
From this point on your cycle is deemed official. Then and only then do we charge for our agency fee, we make sure your participant is optimal for your cycle.

8.  Legal Contracts
We will contact you to let you know that it is time for you to initiate your attorney for your legal contract review. We will handle the egg donor/surrogate’s representation as their attorneys will already be ready and waiting.

9.  Supporting your participant through every step
Reminding her of every appointment ahead of time, making sure the stimulation medications are being taken properly and full support of any questions that may come up regarding escrow accounts, health insurance, life insurance, medical appointments, etc.

10.  A cycle calendar has now been provided by your medical staff.
We will make sure that your Surrogate and/or Egg Donor understands the dates and instructions provided for this portion of the cycle.

11.  Day of the Implantation or retrieval
Any needs for the day of the implantation/retrieval will be handled as well as checking in to make sure all is well afterward. Do they have their transportation set, their companion that will assist them after the procedure, etc?

12.  Confirmation of pregnancy
Following through with the Surrogate in regard to her blood work and fetal heartbeat appointments with the physician to verify if a pregnancy has occurred. CONGRATULATIONS!

13.  Pre-Natal care
Ensuring that the Ob/Gyn for the Surrogates pre-natal appointments and delivery have been set and she is aware of all appointments ahead of time. Ensuring that you receive assistance if you want to attend appointments electronically.

14.  Just in Case
Being there for delivery, and ensuring that you, the Intended Parents, are aware of anything occurring with your surrogate in a timely manner. To assist with any giving of gifts or arrangements for delivery arrival.